Aichivirus A

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Aichi virus 1
Canine kobuvirus 1
Feline kobuvirus 1
Murine kobuvirus 1

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Aichivirus A
Aichivirus B
Aichivirus C
Caprine kobuvirus
Unassigned kobuviruses
  Aichivirus A (formerly named Aichi virus) is the type species of the genus Kobuvirus.

This species contains three viruses (types) Aichi virus 1 (found in humans), canine kobuvirus 1 and murine kobuvirus 1.

In a recent study a 234-amino acid (aa) fragment of a picornavirus 3Dpol was amplified from the faeces of a striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius) (Farkas et al., 2012). Sequence comparisons (JQ408726) revealed the closest identity to murine kobuvirus 1 (93 % aa), canine kobuvirus 1 (92 % aa) and Aichi virus 1 (88 % aa) (Farkas et al., 2012). It is not clear if this virus belongs to one of the existing three Aichivirus A types or if it represents a new type.

The nearly complete genome sequence (6939 nt) of a possible new Aichivirus A type has recently been determined from a sewage samples from Kathmandu, Nepal (Ng et al., 2012; KoV-SewKTM; JQ898342).


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