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  A number of picornaviruses are listed here whose partial or full genome sequences have been determined, but they have not yet been assigned to either a species or genus.
  Viruses related to supergroup 1 (Aphthovirus / Bopivirus / Cardiovirus / Cosavirus / Erbovirus / Hunnivirus / Mischivirus / Mosavirus / Senecavirus / Teschovirus / Torchivirus)
    Aimelvirus (sequences)
    Canine picornavirus (sequences)
    Lesavirus 1 & 2 (sequences)
    Marmot cardiovirus (sequences)
    Marmot mosavirus (sequences)
    Porcine picornavirus Japan (sequences)
Viruses related to supergroup 2 (Dicipivirus / Gallivirus / Kobuvirus / Megrivirus / Oscivirus / Passerivirus / Rosavirus / Sakobuvirus / Salivirus / Sicinivirus)
    Bat kobu-like viruses (sequences)
    Goose picornavirus 1 (sequences)
    Fur seal sakobuvirus (sequences)
    Livupivirus A1 (sequences)
    Poecivirus (sequences)
    Tortoise rafivirus A1 (sequences)
  Viruses related to supergroup 3 (Enterovirus / Rabovirus / Sapelovirus)
Bat picornavirus 1 & 2 (sequences)
    Bat picornavirus 3 (sequences)
    Bat picornaviruses (6 groups) (sequences)
    Bat sapelovirus (sequences)
    Bovine picornavirus Japan (sequences)
    Canine picornavirus 1 (sequences)
    Feline picornavirus 1 (sequences)
Humpback whale blow-associated picornavirus
    Ia io picornavirus 1 (sequences)
    Marmot sapelovirus 1 & 2 (sequences)
    Murine picornavirus (sequences)
    Pigeon picornavirus A & B (sequences)
    Phacovirus A1 (quail picornavirus 1) (sequences)
    Sapelo-like porcine picornavirus Japan (sequences)
  Viruses related to supergroup 4 (Aalivirus / Aquamavirus / Avihepatovirus / Avisivirus / Crohivirus / Kunsagivirus / Limnipivirus / Orivirus / Parechovirus / Pasivirus / Potamipivirus / Shanbavirus)
    Bat picornavirus BtMf-PicoV-1 (sequences)
    Red-crowned crane picornaviruses
  Viruses related to supergroup 5 (Hepatovirus / Tremovirus)
    Bat picornavirus BtRf-PicoV-2 (sequences)
    Fur seal picornavirus (sequences)
    Pelodiscus sinensis picornavirus 1 / Chinese softshell turtle picornavirus 2 (sequences)
    Red-crowned crane picornaviruses
    Rodent picornavirus (sequences)
  Picornaviruses awaiting any sort of assignment
    Picornaviruses of fish, amphibians and reptiles
    Rodent picornaviruses
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