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  The species Felipivirus A belongs to the genus Felipivirus.

Lau et al. (2012) have described a novel picornavirus in domestic cats in Hong Kong SAR. They determined five genome sequences (JN572115 to JN572119) and an additional 11 partial 2C sequences (JN848817 to JN848827).

Feline picornavirus (FePV) is most closely related to the unclassified bat picornavirus 3 and to the Sapelovirus genus.

Note(1): Feline calicivirus (FCV) was once known as feline picornavirus, so older publications (before 1977) may actually refer to FCV.

Genome organisation:



Lau, S.K., Woo, P.C., Yip, C.C., Choi, G.K., Wu, Y., Bai, R., Fan, R.Y., Lai, K.K., Chan K.H. and Yuen, K.Y. (2012). Identification of a novel feline picornavirus from the domestic cat. J Virol. 86: 395-405. 2011 Oct 26. [Epub ahead of print]
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