Netherby virus

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Avocet PV X
Avocet PV A
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Beluga picornavirus
Bat PV 1 & 2
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Bat sapelovirus
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Netherby virus
Pigeon PV A & B
Sapelo-like porcine PV Japan
Tasmanian devil-associated sapelovirus
Theobald's toad-headed agama PV 2
Weddell virus
Virus common name: Netherby virus
Sample/Isolate name: MW08_3+/Tasmania/Australia/2015
Species: unassigned
Genus: unassigned
Supergroup: SG3
Genome organisation:  
Host: Arenaria interpres (ruddy turnstone)
Database accession: MT993594
PMID: 34182259
DOI: 10.1016/j.virol.2021.06.007
Reference: Wille M, Shi M, Hurt AC, Klaassen M, Holmes EC. RNA virome abundance and diversity is associated with host age in a bird species. Virology. 2021 Sep;561:98-106. Epub 2021 Jun 21.

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