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The Enterovirus type species is Enterovirus C.

The three poliovirus serotypes now belong to the species Enterovirus C and the species Poliovirus no longer exists.

A new enterovirus has been found in camels (Dromedary camel enterovirus); now designated as Enterovirus I.

Enterovirus and rhinovirus species names have been changed to remove references to host species names (approved by the ICTV Feb 2013)

Current species name* Former species name  
Enterovirus A Human enterovirus A  
Enterovirus B Human enterovirus B  
Enterovirus C Human enterovirus C  
Enterovirus D Human enterovirus D  
Enterovirus E Bovine enterovirus (group A)  
Enterovirus F Bovine enterovirus (group B)  
Enterovirus G Porcine enterovirus B  
Enterovirus H Simian enterovirus A  
Enterovirus I -  
Enterovirus J unclassified simian viruses  
Enterovirus K -  
Enterovirus L -  
Rhinovirus A Human rhinovirus A  
Rhinovirus B Human rhinovirus B  
Rhinovirus C Human rhinovirus C  

Genome organisation:


The former species Porcine enterovirus A has been renamed Sapelovirus A (formerly Porcine saplelovirus) and moved to a new genus, Sapelovirus.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Man (human enterovirus infections) 




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