Bat picornaviruses

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Bat picornaviruses
Picornaviruses of fish, amphibian & reptiles
Rodent picornaviruses
  Sixteen bat picornavirus (near-complete) genomes have been deposited on GenBank (Wu et al., unpub.). They are very varied possibly falling into a number of new genera.

Drexler et al. (unpub.) have partially sequenced a number of picornaviruses from European bats.


Drexler, J.F., Lukashev, A. and Drosten, C. Highly diversified picornaviruses from European bats including close relatives of mammalian enteroviruses. Unpublished.

Wu, Z., Yang, L. and Jin, Q. Mammalian viruses resident in respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts of bat species across China mainland. Unpublished.

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