Syr-Darya Valley fever virus

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Bat picorna-like virus
Juruaca virus
Sikhote-Alyn virus
Syr-Darya Valley fever virus

Syr-Darya Valley fever virus (SDFV)

A tick-borne infection occurring in the river valleys of Kazakhstan. SDF virus was first isolated from the blood of a patient in the summer of 1973. The virus has also been isolated from Hyalomma asiaticum ticks in enzootic areas and from Dermacentor daghestanicus ticks. All documented cases in humans give a history of tick bite.

The onset of illness is abrupt with temperatures of 39-40 C, shivering, weakness, headache and an extensive roseolar-petechial rash mainly on the extremities, chest and abdomen.

The Kaz-3 strain was studied by electron microscopy revealing featureless 25-27 nm virions typical of picornaviruses.

Serologically related to both Sikhote-Alyn virus and mengovirus (EMCV) by complement fixation but all three are distinct by cross-neutralization.


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