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  Porcine sapelovirus 1 (PSV-1; formerly porcine enterovirus 8) belongs to the species Porcine sapelovirus A (formerly known as Porcine sapelovirus). PSV-1 also contains the antigenic variants PEV-8a, PEV-8b and PEV-8c. If it were to be shown that the former 8a, 8b and/or 8c were serotypically (and/or genetically) distinct from the classical PSV strains then new types could then be created.

A virus recently isolated from wild boar in Japan (Gifu virus; Abe et al., 2011) clearly belongs to PSV-1 (as currently defined) having the closest VP1 relationship to PSV-1 Sek 1562/98 (AY392556) - 16.1% nt difference (Table 1; Fig. 1).

It has been reported that porcine sapelovirus 1 uses α2,3-linked sialic acid on GD1a ganglioside as a receptor (Kim et al., 2016).

Table 1. VP1 percentage nucleotide differences between PSV-1 isolates.
V13 16-S-X 26-T-XII Po 5116 Sek 1562/98 Gifu virus
PSV-1 V13 (AF406813) 0.0 19.5 20.2 20.8 21.1 20.9
PSV-1 16-S-X (AY392543) 19.5 0.0 19.9 23.6 24.4 24.7
PSV-1 26-T-XII (AY392544) 20.2 19.9 0.0 24.7 23.6 23.9
PSV-1 Po 5116 (AY392538) 20.8 23.6 24.7 0.0 12.5 16.8
PSV-1 Sek 1562/98 (AY392556) 21.1 24.4 23.6 12.5 0.0 16.1
PSV-1 Gifu virus (AB619806) 20.9 24.7 23.9 16.8 16.1 0.0

Fig. 1. Neighbor-joining tree showing the relationships between the VP1s of PSV-1 isolates using the matrix shown in Table 1.


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