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  Kunsagivirus A is a species in the genus Kunsagivirus.

A picornavirus has been found in the European Roller (Coracias garrulus), an Afro-Palearctic migrant bird (Boros et al., 2013). Sequence comparisons suggest that this virus is a novel species most closely related to the aquamaviruses, but distant enough to be regarded as belonging to a new genus (Boros et al., 2013). The authors have suggested the genus name "Kunsagivirus" and the species name "Greplavirus A" (Boros et al., 2013). "Kunsagi" is derived from from the name of part of the Great Hungarian Plain – "Kunság" – where the samples were collected and "Greplavirus" from Great Hungarian Plain.

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Boros, Á., Kiss, T., Kiss, O., Pankovics, P., Kapusinszky, B., Delwart, E. and Reuter, G. (2013). Genetic characterization of a novel picornavirus distantly related to the marine mammal-infecting aquamaviruses in a long-distance migrant bird species, European Roller (Coracias garrulus). J. Gen. Virol. 94: 2029–2035  [Epub 2013 Jun 26]

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