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  The species Boosepivirus A belongs to the genus Boosepivirus.

Five complete (or nearly complete) genome sequences were detected in cattle faeces collected in Hokkaido Prefecture in 2009. There were most closely related to the sapelo-like viruses bat picornavirus 1-2, bat picornavirus 3, feline picornavirus 1 and canine picornavirus 1 (Nagai et al., 2015).

The five bovine picornaviruses fell into two genetic groups, which I have labelled A (Boosepivirus A) and B (Boosepivirus B):

A) Bo-11-39/2009/JPN (LC006971).

B) Bo-12-3/2009/JPN (LC036579), Bo-12-7/2009/JPN (LC036580), Bo-12-11/2009/JPN (LC036581) and Bo-12-38/2009/JPN (LC036582).

Their polyprotein sequences share only about 52% aa identity, suggesting that they may represent two distinct virus species.

Genome organisation:



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