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  The species Boosepivirus C belongs to the genus Boosepivirus.

Five genome sequences named ovine picornavirus have been deposited on GenBank (Forth et al., 2019). A novel ovine picornavirus in lambs with polioencephalomyelitis, 1998-present. Progressive neurological signs, often fatal, were recorded in young preweaned lambs in spring 2016 and 2017. Neuropathology demonstrated polioencephalomyelitis, and metagenomic analysis identified a novel picornavirus, which was subsequently detected by a newly developed PCR system in tissue samples of affected animals and archived samples collected in 1998-2014. Information retrieved from BioProject PRJEB28719.

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Forth LF, Scholes SFE, Pesavento PA, Jackson K, Mackintosh A, Carson A, Howie F, Schlottau K, Wernike K, Pohlmann A, Höper D, Beer M. (2019). Novel picornavirus in lambs with severe encephalomyelitis. Emerging Infectious Diseases 25(5), May 2019. doi:

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