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  The species Boosepivirus B belongs to the genus Boosepivirus. Originally called bovine picornavirus Japan (BPV-J) group B.

Five complete (or nearly complete) genome sequences were detected in cattle faeces collected in Hokkaido Prefecture in 2009. There were most closely related to the sapelo-like viruses bat picornavirus 1-2, bat picornavirus 3, feline picornavirus 1 and canine picornavirus 1 (Nagai et al., 2015).

The five bovine picornaviruses fell into two genetic groups, which I have labelled A (Boosepivirus A) and B (Boosepivirus B):

A) Bo-11-39/2009/JPN (LC006971).

B) Bo-12-3/2009/JPN (LC036579), Bo-12-7/2009/JPN (LC036580), Bo-12-11/2009/JPN (LC036581) and Bo-12-38/2009/JPN (LC036582).

Their polyprotein sequences share only about 52% aa identity, suggesting that they may represent two distinct virus species.

Genome organisation:



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