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Genus: Enterovirus

PV-1 5-fold axis PV-1 2-fold axis PV-1 3-fold axis
PV-1 (2plv) PV-2 (1eah) PV-3 (1pvc)
CVA21 (1z7s) CVB3 (1cov) SVDV (1oop)
CVA9 (1d4m) E1 (1ev1) E7 + DAF (1m11)
E11 (1h8t) E12 + DAF (1upn) BEV-1 (1bev)


Virus PDB no. Description [EMBL accession no.] Reference
PV-1 2plv Poliovirus 1 Mahoney [J02281; V01148; V01149] Hogle et al., 1985
1pov Poliovirus 1 native empty capsid. Heterogen: ligand unidentified experimentally but presumed to be a lipid and modeled as sphingosine Basavappa et al., 1994
1fpt IgG2a FAb fragment (c3) complexed with poliovirus type 1 (Mahoney) fragment (residues 86 - 103)  
1vbd Poliovirus 1 Mahoney complexed with R78206 Grant et al., 1994
1rdr Poliovirus 1 Mahoney - 3D polymerase Hansen et al., 1997
1l1n 3C protease (PV-1 Mahoney)  
PV-2/PV-1 N/A Chimera Yeates et al., 1991
PV-2 1eah Poliovirus 2 Lansing complexed with antiviral agent SCH48973 Lentz et al., 1997
PV-3 1pvc Poliovirus 3 Sabin (P3/Leon/12a(1)b) [K00043] Filman et al., 1989
1piv Poliovirus 3 Sabin (P3/Sabin; P3/Leon/12a(1)b) complexed with disoxaril (WIN 51711)  
1vba Poliovirus 3 Sabin (P3/Sabin; P3/Leon/12a(1)b) complexed with R78206 Grant et al., 1994
1vbb Poliovirus 3 Sabin (P3/Sabin; P3/Leon/12a(1)b) complexed with R80633 Grant et al., 1994
1vbc Poliovirus 3 Sabin (P3/Sabin; P3/Leon/12a(1)b) complexed with R77975 Grant et al., 1994
1vbe Poliovirus 3 Sabin (P3/Sabin; P3/Leon/12a(1)b) mutant 242-H2 complexed with R78206 Grant et al., 1994
CVA21 1z7s Coxsackievirus A21 Kuykendall C.Xiao, C.M.Bator-Kelly, E.Rieder, P.R.Chipman, A.Craig, R.J.Kuhn, E.Wimmer, M.G.Rossmann
CVA24 4Q4V CVA24v/110390/Malaysia/2002 [KF725085] Zocher et al., 2014
CVA24 4Q4W CVA24v/110390/Malaysia/2002 [KF725085] Zocher et al., 2014
CVA24 4Q4X CVA24v/110390/Malaysia/2002 [KF725085] Zocher et al., 2014
CVA24 4Q4Y CVA24v/110390/Malaysia/2002 [KF725085] Zocher et al., 2014
CVA9 1d4m Coxsackievirus A9 Griggs [D00627] Smyth et al., 1996; Hendry et al., 1999
CVB3 1cov Coxsackievirus B3 M Muckelbauer et al., 1995
CVB3 + CAR 1jew Cyro-EM structure of coxsackievirus B3 (M strain) with its cellular receptor, coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor (CAR). He et al., 2001
CVB3 1rfr Structure of the stemloop D subdomain of coxsackievirus B3 cloverleaf RNA Ohlenschlager et al., 2004
CVB4 1z8r coxsackievirus B4 (JVB Benschoten, New York, 1951) 2Apro Baxter et al., 2006
SVDV 1oop Swine vesicular disease virus (strain UKG/27/72) Fry et al., 2003
SVDV 1mqt Swine vesicular disease virus (strain SPA/2/93) Verdaguer et al., 2003
E-1 1ev1 Echovirus 1 Farouk [AF029859] Filman et al., 1998
E-7 1m11 Structural Model Of Human Decay-Accelerating Factor Bound To Echovirus 7 From Cryo-Electron Microscopy He et al., 2002
E-7 2x5i Crystal Structure Echovirus 7 Plevka et al., 2010
E-7 3iyp The Interaction Of Decay-Accelerating Factor With Echovirus 7 Plevka et al., 2010
E-11 1h8t Echovirus 11 Stuart et al., 2002
E-12 1upn Echovirus 12 Gregory with Domains 3 And 4 Of Its Receptor Decay Accelerating Factor (Cd55) By Cryo Electron Microscopy At 16 A Bhella et al., 2004
EV-A71 4aed Enterovirus A71 capsid Plevka et al., 2012
EV-E1 1bev Enterovirus E1 (BEV-1) VG(5)27 [D00214] Smyth et al., 1995
EV-F3 5mqu Enterovirus F3 (BEV-2) [X79368] Roedig et al., 2017
PV, poliovirus
CV-A, coxsackievirus A
CV-B, coxsackievirus B
E, echovirus
SVDV, swine vesicular disease virus
BEV, Bovine enterovirus


Basavappa, R., Syed, R., Flore, O., Icenogle, J.P., Filman, D.J. and Hogle, J.M. (1994). Role and mechanism of the maturation cleavage of VP0 in poliovirus assembly: structure of the empty capsid assembly intermediate at 2.9 A resolution. Protein Sci. 3: 1651-1669.

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