Avian PLV

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Avian ELV 2
Cockatoo ELV
Guineafowl TEV
Turkey ELV
Turkey pseudo EV

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Avian PLV
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avian entero-like virus 2   (AELV-2)
cockatoo entero-like virus   (CELV)
guineafowl transmissible enteritis virus   (GTEV)
turkey entero-like virus   (TELV)
turkey pseudo enterovirus 1 & 2   (TPEV-1 & 2)


Classification Common name Strain Origin Host species Disease produced References
DHV I H England Ducks Hepatitis Asplin, 1958;
Tauraso et al., 1969
DHV II     Ducks Hepatitis  
DHV III Toth USA? Ducks Hepatitis Toth, 1969;
Haider and Calnek, 1979
? India DHV   India Duck Hepatitis Rao and Gupta, 1967
? Egypt DHV   Egypt Duck Hepatitis Shalaby et al., 1978
AEV A37020* USA? Fowl, turkeys Encephalo-myelitis ?
ANV-1 G 4260 Japan Fowl Nephritis Yamaguchi et al., 1978
? ANV-2 M-6 and M-8 Japan Fowl Nephritis Shirai et al., 1991
ANV-2 ? Japan Fowl Nephritis? Imada et al., unpublished
ANV-3 WG-3, -4, and -5 Japan Fowl Nephritis Shirai et al., 1991
ELV-1   Scotland Fowl Runting
McNulty et al., 1984
ELV-2 EF84/700 Northern Ireland Fowl normal McNulty et al., 1987
ELV-3 FP3 UK Fowl dead-in-shell chicks Spackman et al., 1984
ELV-4 612 South Africa Fowl respiratory problems McNeilly et al., 1994
TELV     Turkeys enteritis Guy and Barnes, 1991
THV Scotland Turkeys Hepatitis? MacDonald et al., 1982
? TPEV   France Turkeys ? Andral and Toquin, 1984
?  GTEV     Guineafowl enteritis Pascucci and Lavazza, 1993

*, Van Roekel strain
AEV, avian encepalomyelitis virus
DHV, duck hepatitis virus
ANV, avian nephritis virus
ELV, entero-like viruses
ELPs, enterovirus like particles (not cultivatable in cell cultures)
GTEV, guineafowl transmissible enteritis virus
TELV, turkey entero-like virus
TPEV, turkey pseudo enterovirus


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