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Aalivirus (genus)
Aalivirus A (species)
Acid-stable equine picornavirus
Aesculapian snake picorna-like virus
Aichi virus (former species name, see Aichivirus A)
Aichi virus 1 (common name)
Aichivirus A (species)
Aichivirus B (species)
Aichivirus C (species)
Aichivirus D (species)
Aichivirus E (species)
Aichivirus F (species)
Aimelvirus (common name)
Ailurivirus (genus)
Ailurivirus A (species)
Ampivirus (genus)
Ampivirus A (species)
Anativirus (genus)
Anativirus A (speceis) (formely named Avian sapelovirus)
Anguavirus (species; eel picornavirus 1)
Aphthovirus (genus)
Aquamavirus (genus)
Aquamavirus A (species)
Avian anativirus 1 (common name)
Avian encephalomyelitis virus (former species name, see Tremovirus A)
Avian entero-like virus 2
Avian picorna-like viruses
Avian sapelovirus (former species name, see Anativirus A)
Avihepatovirus (genus)
Avihepatovirus A (new name for the species Duck hepatitis A virus)
Avisivirus (genus)
Avisivirus A (species)
Avisivirus B (species)
Avisivirus C (species)
Avocet megrivirus
Avocet picornavirus A
Avocet picornavirus B
Avocet picornavirus X


Bakunsavirus (candidate kunsagivirus species)
Barramundi virus 1

Bat crohivirus
Bat kobu-like viruses
Bat kunsagivirus
Bat picorna-like virus GF-7v
Bat picornavirus 1
Bat picornavirus 2
Bat picornavirus 3
Bat sapelovirus
Bear aquamavirus 1
Bluegill picornavirus
Boa constrictor picorna-like virus
Boone cardiovirus
Bovine enterovirus (former species, see Enterovirus E and Enterovirus F)
Bovine hungarovirus
(Hunnivirus A)
Bovine kobuvirus (former species name, see Aichivirus B)
Bovine kobuvirus 1
Bovine picornavirus 1
Bovine picornavirus Japan
Bovine rhinitis A virus (species)
Bovine rhinitis B virus (species)
Bovine rhinoviruses
Burpengary virus


Cadicivirus A (species)
California sea lion sapelovirus 1
California sea lion sapelovirus 2
Canine kobuvirus 1
Canine picornavirus 1
Canine picornavirus (mischivirus)
Caprine kobuvirus
Cardiovirus (genus)
Cardiovirus A (new name for the species Encephalomyocarditis virus)
Cardiovirus B (new name for the species Theilovirus)
Cardiovirus C (species)
Carp picornavirus 1
Cattle kobuvirus 1 & 2
Chicken gallivirus 1
Chicken megrivirus
Chicken orivirus 1
Chicken picornavirus 1
Chicken picornavirus 2
Chicken picornavirus 3
Chicken picornavirus 4
Chicken picornavirus 5
chicken picornavirus HK-2014 (see chicken megrivirus & quail picornavirus 1)
Chicken proventriculitis virus (chicken megrivirus)
Cockatoo entero-like virus
Cosavirus (genus)
Cosavirus A (species)
Cosavirus B (species)
Cosavirus C' (candidate species)
Cosavirus D (species)
Cosavirus E (species)
Cosavirus F (species)
Coxsackievirus A
Coxsackievirus B
'Crohivirus 1' (candidate species)


Dekavirus (original name for Cosavirus)
Dicipivirus (genus)
Dromedary camel enterovirus (Enterovirus I)
Duck hepatitis A virus (former species name, see Avihepatovirus A)
Duck megrivirus


Eel picornavirus 1
Eidolon helvum kobuvirus
Encephalomyocarditis virus (former species, see Cardiovirus A)
Enterovirus (genus)
Enterovirus A (species)
Enterovirus B (species)
Enterovirus C (species)
Enterovirus D (species)
Enterovirus E (species)
Enterovirus F (species)
Enterovirus G (species)
Enterovirus H (species)
Enterovirus I (species)
Enterovirus J (species)
Equine rhinitis A virus (species)
Equine rhinitis B virus (former species names, see Erbovirus A)
Equine rhinoviruses
Erbovirus (genus)
Erbovirus A (new name for the species Equine rhinitis B virus)
European roller kobuvirus 1
European seabass picorna-like virus 1


Falcovirus A1 (see harkavirus)
Fathead minnow picornaviruses
Feline kobuvirus
Feline picornavirus 1
Feline sakobuvirus
Ferret kobuvirus
Ferret parechovirus
Foot-and-mouth disease virus (species)
Fox kobuvirus (=canine kobuvirus)
Fur seal sakobuvirus
Fur seal picornavirus


Gallivirus (genus)
Gallivirus A (species)
Genet fecal theilovirus
Goose haemorrhagic hepatitis (DHAV-3)
Goose  megrivirus
Grass carp picorna-like virus
Greasy grouper picorna-like virus
Greplavirus A (alternative name suggested for Kunsagivirus A - no longer used)
Grouper picorna-like viruses
Guineafowl transmissible enteritis virus


Harkavirus (genus)
Harkavirus A (species)
Harrier picornavirus 1
Hedgehog dicipivirus
Hepatitis A virus
(former species name, see Hepatovirus A)
Hepatovirus (genus)
Hepatovirus A (new name for the species Hepatitis A virus)
Hepatovirus B (species)
Hepatovirus C (species)
Hepatovirus D (species)
Hepatovirus E (species)
Hepatovirus F (species)
Hepatovirus G (species)
Hepatovirus H (species)
Hepatovirus I (species)
Hepatoviruses of small mammals
Human enterovirus A (former species name, see Enterovirus A)
Human enterovirus B (former species name, see Enterovirus B)
Human enterovirus C (former species name, see Enterovirus C)
Human enterovirus D (former species name, see Enterovirus D)
Human parechovirus (former species name, see Parechovirus A)
Human rhinovirus A (former species name, see Rhinovirus A)
Human rhinovirus B (former species name, see Rhinovirus B)
Human rhinovirus C (former species name, see Rhinovirus C)
Hungarovirus (see Hunnivirus)
Hunnivirus (genus)
Hunnivirus A (species)


Ia io picornavirus 1
Icavirus A1 (see species Mischivirus C)


Juruaca virus



Klassevirus (alternative name for Salivirus)
Kobuvirus (genus)
Kunsagivirus (genus)
Kunsagivirus A (species)


Lesavirus 1 (common name)
Lesavirus 2 (common name)
Limnipivirus (genus)
Limnipivirus A (species)
Limnipivirus B (species)
Limnipivirus C (species)
Livupivirus (genus)
Livupivirus A (species)
Ljungan virus (former species name, see Parechovirus B)
Ljungan virus (common name)
Ljungan/Sebokele-like parechovirus
Lorikeet picornavirus 1


Malabar grouper picorna-like virus
Malagasivirus (genus)
Malagasivirus A (species)
Malagasivirus B (species)
Marmota himalayana hepatovirus
Megrivirus (genus)
Melegrivirus A (species)
Miniopterus schreibersii picornavirus 1
Mischivirus (genus)
Mischivirus A (species)
Mischivirus B (species)
Mischivirus C (species)
Mischivirus D (species)
Mobovirus A (unassigned virus)
Mosavirus (genus)
Mosavirus A (species)
Murine kobuvirus 1
Murine mosavirus 1
Murine rosavirus 1
Murine sapelovirus 1


Newt picornavirus (ampivirus A1)
Newt picornavirus (livupivirus A1)


Orivirus (genus)
Orivirus A (species)
Oscivirus (genus)
Oscivirus A (species)
Ovine hungarovirus
(Hunnivirus A)
Ovine picornaviruses


Parechovirus (genus)
Parechovirus A (new name for the species Human parechovirus)
Parechovirus B (new name for the species Ljungan virus)
Parechovirus C (species)
Parechovirus D (species)
Pasivirus (genus)
Pasivirus A (species)
Passerivirus (genus)
Passerivirus A (species)
Passerivirus B (species)
Penguin megrivirus (common name)
Phacovirus A1 (formerly called quail picornavirus 1)
Phopivirus (a new virus of seals belonging to the genus Hepatovirus)
Pigeon picornavirus A
Pigeon picornavirus B
Pingu picornavirus
Poecivirus (genus)
Poecivirus A (species)
Poliovirus (common name)
Poliovirus (former species, now part of the species Enterovirus C)
Porcine enterovirus A (former species name, see Porcine sapelovirus)
Porcine enterovirus B (former species, see Enterovirus G)
Porcine kobuvirus 1 (common name)
Porcine picornavirus Japan (common name)
Porcine sapelovirus (former species name, see Sapelovirus A)
Porcine teschovirus (former species name, see Teschovirus A)
Possum enterovirus (Enterovirus F species)
Potamipivirus (genus)
Potamipivirus A (species)


Quail picornavirus 1 (now named Phacovirus A1)


Rabbit picornavirus
Rabovirus (genus)
Rabovirus A (species)
Rabovirus B (species)
Rabovirus C (species)
Rabovirus D (species)
Rafivirus (genus)
Rafivirus A (species)
Rafivirus B (species)
Rat theilovirus 1

Red-crowned crane picornaviruses
Rhinolophus affinis picornavirus 1
Rhinovirus A (species)
Rhinovirus B (species)
Rhinovirus C (species)
Rodent cardiovirus 1
Rosavirus (genus)
Rosavirus A (species)
Rosavirus B (species)
Rosavirus C (species)


Saapivirus (see Passerivirus)
Saffold virus (common name)
Sakobuvirus (genus)
Sakobuvirus A (species)
Salivirus (genus)
Salivirus A (species)
Salmonid picorna-like viruses
Sandbar shiner picorna-like virus
Sapelo-like porcine picornavirus Japan
Sapelovirus (genus)
Sapelovirus A (new name for the species Porcine sapelovirus)
Sapelovirus B (new name for the species Simian sapelovirus)
Sebokele virus 1
Scratching disease of frogs
Seal picornavirus 1
Seneca Valley virus (former species name, see Senecavirus A)
Seneca Valley virus (virus common name)
Senecavirus (genus)
Senecavirus A (new name for the species Seneca Valley virus)
Sicinivirus (genus)
Sicinivirus A (species)
Sikhote-Alin virus
Simian enterovirus A (former species name, see Enterovirus H)
Simian sapelovirus (former species name, see Sapelovirus B)
Smelt picorna-like viruses
Snake picorna-like viruses
Swine pasivirus 1
Syr-Darya Valley fever virus


Tasmanian devil-associated sapelovirus
Teschovirus (genus)
Teschovirus A (new name for the species Porcine teschovirus)
Teschen disease
Theiler's-like virus of rats
Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus
Theilovirus (former species name, see Cardiovirus B)
Thera virus (virus common name)
Threespine stickleback picornavirus
Torchivirus (genus)
Torchivirus A (species)
Tortoise picornavirus (virus "X")
Tortoise rafivirus A1
Tottorivirus (genus)
Tottorivirus A (species)
Tremovirus (genus)
Tremovirus A (new name for the species Avian encephalomyelitis virus)
Tupaia hepatovirus
Turbot picorna-like virus 1
Turdivirus 1
(disused name; see passerivirus A1)
Turdivirus 2
(disused name; see oscivirus A1)
Turdivirus 3
(disused name; see oscivirus A2)
Turkey avisivirus
Turkey entero-like virus (Guy & Barnes, 1991)
Turkey entero-like virus (Hayhow et al., 1993)
Turkey hepatitis virus
Turkey pseudo enterovirus
Turquoise rainbowfish picorna-like virus



Vilyuisk human encephalomyelitis virus (common name)
Virus "X" of tortoises

Waxbill passerivirus (common name)
Wild duck avihepato-like virus



Yak enterovirus (Enterovirus F species)

Zebrafish picornavirus 1

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